Diego’s Friday AutoHunter Picks

Published on 5/26/2023 10:19:21 AM


Would you like to know in how to hire a direct carrier?

This week’s Friday AutoHunter Picks have absolutely nothing in common — that was done by design. They’re an eclectic mix of vehicles on four wheels (with one powered by four wheels). They reflect different classes of vehicles that appear in the American landscape and, dare I say, three of them may be iconic. Perhaps there’s a connection after all? Let’s start with the odd man out and go from there.

1991 Chevrolet G20 Van
I want to snap up this one, furnish the rear compartment, and add a bumper sticker that says, “Don’t laugh — your daughter may be in here.” That’s much more of 1970s humor than 1990s, which is when this van’s from, but the paint job makes me think of the 1970s. All vans should look like the 1970s by decree.