Chevrolet Introduces 2023 Tahoe RST Performance Edition

Published on 9/22/2022 6:16:54 PM

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SUVs are not high on the totem pole of vehicles on my list, but what happens if utility beckons? I’d choose the most interesting SUV to tickle my enthusiast fancy. More and more performance-oriented SUVs are becoming a thing, and the latest from General Motors is called the Chevrolet Tahoe RST Performance Edition.

Of course, to us Luddites, the Tahoe is merely a four-door version of the Blazer, but it’s not 1990 anymore. Because today’s Blazer is a completely different entity, let’s just recognize the Tahoe as Chevrolet’s modern-day, full-size truck-based SUV. You see them everywhere because they’re easy to drive (belying its size), and Chevrolet knows how to build a good truck. To traditionalists, the Tahoe is an honest-to-goodness RWD V8 vehicle, which is a rarity in Detroit these days.

This performance variant is not as strong as Cadillac’s uber-expensive Escalade-V, but the Tahoe RST Performance Edition is closer to something being of this Earth. Horsepower is 433 and torque is 467 lb-ft from a 6.2-liter V8. It’s not supercharged like the Caddy, but you probably would rather invest your savings in a house rather than buy a Caddy that costs as much as one. We, like many, are of your world.