The 21 car features for which we’re very grateful

Published on 11/25/2021 4:59:09 PM

Would you like to know in how to hire a direct carrier?

It’s that time of year to spend time with loved ones – over a great meal – and reflect on the people and things for which bring us joy.

We want to join in on the festivities and in doing so, we’ve asked our editors, Larry Edsall, Bob Golfen and Tyson Hugie to share what they’re most grateful for but with a car-themed twist.

Below, we share the 21 car features for which we’re grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving and make sure to let us know your favorite car features in the comments section.

1. Intermittent Windshield Wipers (Hugie)

Since I don’t like to be one of “those people” with overly-aggressive wiper speeds, this makes for a nicety that’s appreciated on rare days when Phoenix is getting just a drizzle. 

2. Backup Camera (Edsall)

So many parking lot collisions avoided, bicycles not run over, and children’s lives saved as well.

3. Push-Button Starter (Golfen)

It’s great not ever having to take my “key” out of my pocket.

4. Automatic Climate Control (Hugie)

“Set it and forget it,” is a welcome solution to constantly adjusting knobs and dials – especially on the handful of spring and fall days when both heat and A/C are appreciated.

5. Electric Starter (Edsall)

Having crank-started a Model T, I appreciate the ease of turning a key or pressing a button to start an engine.