Pick of the Day: 1954 Allard J2X

Published on 10/19/2023 9:44:52 AM

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Years before Carroll Shelby had the idea of cramming a big American V8 engine in a British roadster a chap named Sydney Allard was building cars in Clapham, England and doing much the same thing. The difference is that Allard sold his cars without a specific engine, allowing buyers to pick the specific V8 engine they wanted in their car.

These cars, called Allard were very successful in racing in the early 1950s both in the US and international competition. These cars were driven by notable drivers including the aforementioned Carroll Shelby, Tommy Cole, Sydney Allard, and Bill Pollack. He built a number of different models over the years but the one most consider his crowning achievement was the J2X.

The Allard L2X was Sydney’s attempt to improve the car that was quickly becoming obsolete due to advances in sports car design from Companies such as Aston Martin, Jaguar and Ferrari. The J2X, the X standing for extended featured a front suspension’s with redesigned rear attaching radius rods which allowed the engine to be moved forward  7.5 in making it better balanced and improving interior room. This kept the cars from Allard competitive for a little longer and J2X cars would achieve 12 first-place finishes; 11 seconds; 17 thirds; 14 fourths; and 10 fifths in 199 total racing events.

The Pick of the Day is one of these storied sports/racing cars, a 1954 Allard J2X located at a dealer in St Louis, Missouri. (Click the link to view the listing)

They describe the car well stating that it is chassis number 3209 and is one of just nine total Allard automobiles exported new to Canada, and the sole J2X exported there. The car is said to have originally been painted Beige with Red upholstery and Crimson wire wheels.

This J2X was exported on May 15, 1953 to Canada via rallyist and importer Alec Budd of Budd & Dyer in Montreal, Quebec and sold new to Quebec resident David Gurd who then sold it to restaurateur Richard Mauron of Toronto, Ontario, an MGs racing driver during the early 1950s. Mauron’s raced the car at the 1955 Canadian National Exhibition, damaging the right front and then sold the J2X in favor of a 300SL Gullwing. This Allard’s next owner was Downsview, Ontario resident Fred J. Hayes, who had the car repainted first Red in 1955 and then Black in 1956. Mr. Hayes would advertise the car for sale in the January 1956 issue of Road & Track magazine with the ad reading “ALLARD J2X. One of the last produced, mileage under 5000, condition original and immaculate, modified Cadillac engine, Jaguar gearbox, wire wheels, side mount spare.”